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IFRS Newsletter No. 06 – 2017

The IASB confirmed the IFRIC’s tentative decision on the modification of financial liabilities under new IFRS 9. The far-reaching impact of this decision is discussed in this edition.

IFRS Newsletter No. 05 – 2017

The effective date of the new IFRS 9 standard on financial instruments is just around the corner while IFRIC 23, published by the IASB on June 7, clarifies the application of IAS 12 where there is an uncertainty about an income tax treatment.

IFRS Newsletter No. 04 – 2017

After being in the pipeline for more than ten years, IFRS 17 has finally been approved and published by the IASB. The new standard is therefore likely to cause considerable changes, with impact varying significantly from one company to another, since it will replace the interim standard IFRS 4 that permitted insurance companies to use local accounting frameworks.

IFRS Newsletter No. 03 – 2017

For the second time in its history, the IASB has launched a rapid-turnaround consultation that, once again, relates to financial instruments. This haste contrasts with the time spent by the standard-setter on the quality and volume of the financial information disclosed in accordance with IFRS.

IFRS Newsletter No. 02 – 2017

The IASB proposes improvements to IFRS 8 on operating segments and addresses the principles behind disclosures in financial statements. Read the latest news about International Standards.

The Modern Firm: discerning, knowledge-intensive, agile, sustainable

Mazars’ 2016 Yearbook, part of the Group’s 2015-2016 Annual Report, is a journey through topics that are of paramount importance to us: leadership and entrepreneurship. Each article can be read alone, but all are closely tied to the concept of a Modern Firm. In order to illustrate this concept, we have chosen to explore four attributes, which define a modern firm: discerning, knowledge-intensive, agile and sustainable. Join our staff, our partners, our clients and all our other guests in this journey, from Rotterdam to Shanghai via Milan and Casablanca.