Sustaining global growth

Mazars has teamed up with The Economist Intelligence Unit to publish a series of articles focusing on five challenges facing SMEs venturing abroad for the first time. Although the challenges of operating in an unfamiliar environment are daunting, they offer tremendous potential.

SMEs and global growth: Sustaining global growth

Adapting products to local tastes, offering customers multiple purchase channels, and committing to each foreign market, are success factors for SMEs expanding internationally.

You will discover in this article:

  1. Adapting to local tastes: The Graze example
  2. Using a local touch: The Ted Baker example
  3. Partnering with established players: The APMT example
  4. Building on a proprietary technology: The Globalstar example
  5. Moderation in all things, including growth: The Wiggle example

Check out the full article for download below.


Sustaining global growth

Sustaining global growth