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IFRS Newsletter No. 08

Our Closer Look in this edition presents the traditional overview of all the standards and interpretations applicable as at December 31, 2017 financial statements.

IFRS Newsletter No. 07 – 2017

The last few months have been relatively busy for the IASB with the publication of two exposure drafts, a Practice Statement and some last-minute finishing touches to IFRS 9. Our “Closer Look” this month concerns an aspect of the preparation of financial statements: guidance on making materiality judgments.

IFRS Newsletter No. 06 – 2017

The IASB confirmed the IFRIC’s tentative decision on the modification of financial liabilities under new IFRS 9. The far-reaching impact of this decision is discussed in this edition.

IFRS Newsletter No. 05 – 2017

The effective date of the new IFRS 9 standard on financial instruments is just around the corner while IFRIC 23, published by the IASB on June 7, clarifies the application of IAS 12 where there is an uncertainty about an income tax treatment.