Human Capital Advisory Services

Integrated services with a flexible, entrepreneurial approach, for both ad hoc mandates and complete outsourcing services.

Whether you are in the start-up phase, in the midst of rapid growth, embarking on a merger and acquisition or undergoing organizational change, our professionals offer complete, integrated solutions suited to the size of your organization.

HR Process Compliance Analysis

HR management is a crucial factor in corporate success and performance improvement, thus it is important to analyze the policies, practices and procedures in place and adapt them to reflect your company’s goals. Such analysis is twofold:

1. Validation of legal obligations

  • Act Respecting Labour Standards
  • Pay Equity Act
  • Charter of the French Language
  • Act Respecting Workforce Vocational Training and Qualification
  • Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act (VRSP)

2. Identification of areas of vulnerability in your current practices and issuance of recommendations for the implementation of      sound HR management practices

HR Strategy Advisory Services

Human capital is one of the biggest challenges facing business directors and managers. To assist you, our professionals offer support for specific needs with regard to:

  • Consulting and coaching for managers
  • Support for team management
  • Management support for difficult situations
  • Assistance with change management


The recruitment process is a crucial step to ensure that you hire competent personnel. We offer complete or partial management of your recruitment efforts, including the following aspects:

  • Analysis of workforce needs
  • Redaction of job profiles
  • Posting of job offers
  • Collection and sorting of CVs
  • Conduct of pre-selection and selection tests
  • Coordination of interviews
  • Selection of candidates
  • Design of the intake and integration program

Due Diligence Review and HR Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions

The human capital due diligence review is a strategic step for a business merger or acquisition. Our approach consists of assessing the company’s value and contribution to avoid risks and improve your chances of a successful transaction.

  • Collection of data to understand the HR structure, workforce trends and HR policies and programs
  • Identification of potential liabilities: financial and compliance risks related to the workforce
  • Assessment of the senior management’s leadership capacity: risk management related to key talent
  • Organizational integration and cultural adaptation: understanding the dynamics, the culture and the principal issues