SME Services

Serving SMEs for more than 50 years, our professionals have developed a collaborative approach to provide continuous support to entrepreneurs and leaders in the growth of their businesses.

Through listening closely to your needs and understanding the particular issues of SMEs, we help you meet your challenges and seize every opportunity that comes your way. We work with your business partners as well as your colleagues and make available to you our experts from Mazars’ international integrated network.

Our personalized support is based on excellence, proximity and long-term vision. It is consistent with our firm’s human dimension and our commitment to our clients’ success.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

Our SME Services team advises you and offers you flexible, multidisciplinary solutions tailored to the reality of your business, regardless of its industry and its growth phase. Whether your projects are local or international in scope, our professionals assist you through a range of integrated services to:

  • Manage your business growth and structure your financing
  • Meet your planning and accounting and tax compliance needs
  • Manage your cash flows and help reduce your costs
  • Assess the value of your business
  • Manage your human resources and recruitment
  • Plan your business and personal succession
  • Grow internationally

Our Solutions


To earn the trust of your business partners, your financial information must be made available and be compliant with the chartered accounting profession’s requirements and with your industry sector. Our methodology is thus developed based on the evolution of industries and local and international standards. Your financial statements are the best tools to assess your company's performance and reflect its true financial situation. Our services include audit and review engagements as well as professional advice on accounting standards.


An effective tax structure allows you to maximize your profits, protect your assets and be in compliance with the tax rules governing your business activities. Our experts work on a risk-management based approach that allows them to optimize all tax aspects of your business: Canadian, US and International tax, transfer pricing, International mobility, indirect taxes, SR&ED and tax incentives.

Outsourcing and accounting

Outsourcing your accounting activities can be a cost-effective solution to allow you to focus on your business strategies while achieving cost savings. Our team can assist you on a one-time or permanent basis in order to carry out a complete or partial accounting of your business, prepare your financial reporting, manage your payroll in accordance with tax regulations, temporarily and urgently replace resources within your finance team as well as assist you in starting your business.

Financial Advisory Services

Our experts offer you the best options to achieve your strategic goals and create value. They provide you with their knowledge of the private company market and their extensive networks of business partners to help you complete your acquisition, merger, divestiture and strategic alliance transactions, evaluate your company and its assets, build an appropriate financing strategy and perform an in-depth due diligence that meets your requirements.

Litigation Support

Whether the objective is to identify and quantify the financial impacts of a litigation, assist your legal counsel, prepare expert or counter-expert reports, or act as an expert, our professionals offer you a full range of services such as the quantification of damages in the context of an insurance claim, a shareholder or matrimonial dispute, an intellectual property theft, a dismissal or when your professional liability is at stake. Our professionals are experienced and will be able to testify in court as experts, before an arbitrator or through mediation.

Wealth Strategy Advisory Services

Through an independent and integrated approach, our professionals will provide you with services and advice related to your financial planning, taking into account both your family and your company situation. These services include: customized private wealth management, investments, individual insurance plans, estate planning, planned donations, shareholders’ agreement, retirement plans, group insurance plans, employee retention and succession.