Lucette Poliquin Partner and Chair of the Board

Lucette Poliquin

Lucette Poliquin, FCPA auditor, FCA, ICD.D, is partner and Chair of the Board of Mazars in Canada. She is also leader of International Relations at the firm. This role allows her to build alliances with international business partners and with other member firms of the Mazars Group, around the world, thus promoting the sharing of best practices and international business opportunities.

Lucette is known for her leadership and ability to manage teams in complex situations that require tact and diplomacy. Her deep knowledge of the business community and her involvement with various organizations led her to manage major issues related to governance, regulations, finance and strategic orientations.

Career Profile

Lucette has more than 35 years of experience in providing financial audit and advisory services to a wide range of clients, both at local and international levels. She was the managing partner of Mazars in Canada for 3 years, from 2011 to 2014.

Over the years, she has assisted SMEs in Québec as well as large-scale international companies, working in different sectors.