The Next CFO, Mazars’ first web TV that explores the future of corporate finance departments

The Next CFO gives audiences an insider’s view into the corporate finance department of tomorrow. A first of its kind, the web TV also serves as a fresh and modern platform for CFOs from major international companies to share their vision of a rapidly changing profession.

This web TV takes international finance decision-makers out of the back office and puts them in the spotlight. 7 modern, original programs dive into the changing definition of what it means to be a Chief Financial Officer.

First web TV for CFOs by CFOs

“For CFOs” because the content is designed to intrigue and inform both top finance decision-makers and those who hope to take their place. “By CFOs” because the CFOs themselves are the storytellers – audiences hear directly from them about their most pressing concerns, their passions and their vision for the future.

Designed to emulate popular video streaming platforms, the web TV features 7 programs and candid testimonials from CFOs from around the world.

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A platform with 7 original programs

With its diversity of speakers, international reach and innovative approach, The Next CFO is a truly unique media. It is designed to be a platform for discussion, reflection, and executive education for CFOs and future CFOs. It currently offers 7 original programs in English and new episodes will be released regularly.

1. CFO vs CXO

The inner workings of the C-suite like you've never seen before. A CFO and another top executive explain how to build constructive relationships.

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2. How do you spend it?

How do CFOs spend their time, energy, money, or brainpower? Each episode features a CFO with a passion and a vision of what it takes to become the Next CFO.

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3. Career Paths

CFOs with remarkable, emblematic or unconventional backgrounds are put in the hot seat for a round of rapid fire career advice.

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4. The Professor

In MOOC-style videos, professors from leading universities decipher the latest developments in finance.

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5. Forensic Investigation

Expert advice for defusing complex threats within large companies.

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6. CFO, 10 years later

Former CFOs give candid feedback on the most formative experiences of their careers.

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7. FinQuake

What technologies are set to shake up finance? FinQuake looks at how CFOs can hold up under pressure.

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