Sustainable Finance Services

At Mazars, we support financial institutions navigate the complex risks and make the most of opportunities emerging from the transition to a sustainable future, adhering to sustainability principles, and responding to rising regulatory expectations.

The financial industry has a unique funding power and capacity to reorientate capital flows to sustainability issues across the economy. With this rapidly changing world, actors of the financial system need to consider how they integrate ESG into considerations around their strategy, business activities, investments, financing, and interactions with the real economy. 

Our professionals offer a unique combination of expertise in sustainability, governance, risk management, quantitative solutions, and up-to-date knowledge of industry’s best practices through regular benchmarking studies. With our extensive regulatory experience, we also support financial services clients from readiness through to implementation as they journey towards achieving compliance with increasing supervision around sustainability.

Our sustainable finance services for financial institutions cover:

Strategy and governance

We can Identifying your material ESG matters, building a strategic plan to embed sustainability and implementing governance arrangements that foster accountability and engagement.

We also provide trainings and bespoke education on sustainable finance expectations and trends to all levels of your organisation, including Boards and senior management.

Risk management

We can support you develop and implement sound risk management framework to identify, assess, measure, monitor and report on climate-related and environmental risks that are material to you. Our team can also support you identify, source and integrate data needed to sufficiently undertake climate risk management processes.

Our risk management and quantitative solution experts can support you perform regulatory climate stress testing exercise as well as design and implement suitable methodologies and tools to develop your internal capabilities around climate scenario analysis and stress testing. We can also work with you to interpret the results and integrate them into your strategic planning.

Investment framework and management

Our team of professionals can help you throughout your journey to integrate ESG into your investing and financing decisions and processes. We can support you with:

  • Incorporating ESG across the investment process – developing a sustainable investing policy, undertaking robust ESG due diligence, supporting the pre- and post- issuance of sustainable products (such as green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability bonds, sustainability-linked bonds etc..); defining and implementing metrics to monitor and measure the impact of ESG factors on portfolio performance.
  • Defining and driving a suitable portfolio decarbonisation strategy – undertaking baseline assessment, implementing appropriate steps to improve carbon accounting methodologies and driving emission reduction strategy across your portfolio.
  • Integrating green taxonomies and developing product-level disclosures to support compliance with regulatory expectations and address the growing demand for greater transparency around sustainable products.

Disclosure and reporting

We can help with articulating and reporting on your material ESG risks and opportunities in line with recognised sustainability disclosure frameworks. Our team can also work with you to continuously improve the quality of your sustainability disclosures.

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