Valuation, Forensics and Litigation Support

Our professionals’ priority is to act promptly and discreetly to protect your organization and its financial resources.

In an increasingly complex and contentious business environment, the preservation of the integrity and reputation of your organization requires special attention. Mazars provides you with experts to assist you in the resolution of financial disputes, the valuation and protection of your assets, the risk management related to accounting irregularities, and investigations. 

Litigation Support

Our team provides guidance to businesses, individuals and their legal counsel through every step of a financial dispute, from the preparation phase of the case to the court trial.

Whether the objective is to identify the financial impact of a dispute, assist your legal counsel, prepare expert or counter-expertise reports, or serve as a joint expert, our professionals offer a full range of services in the following areas:

  • Damage quantification
  • Insurance claim
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Matrimonial dispute
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Professional liability
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Expert testimony

Risk Management

Whether they relate to fraud, money laundering or corruption, risks that can disrupt your organization will be analyzed by our experts in order to recommend strategies adapted to your situation and based on the best practices of your industry.

Our professionals offer you the following services:

  • Contract compliance review
  • Fraud risk analysis
  • Assessment, development and implementation of internal controls
  • Compliance analysis of related laws and regulations
  • Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act compliance analysis


The value of your business is affected by several factors, including economic and industry conditions, competition, historical and forecast financial performances, and management capabilities. Business valuation is a complex process requiring an extensive knowledge of finance and business, expert application of recognized valuation methodologies and commitment to professional standards.

Our business valuation experts provide an independent and unbiased assessment to businesses, individuals, financial institutions and legal professionals in the context of a:

  • Transaction
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax or estate planning
  • Financial reporting


Our investigations mainly focus on commercial offences or other illicit financial and economic practices that may affect your situation and reputation:

  • Collusion and bid-rigging
  • Conflict of interest and corruption
  • Misconduct of an employee or an executive
  • Workplace fraud and theft
  • Breach of contract
  • Asset identification and tracking

Our team will re-establish the facts and present them accurately so that you can take appropriate action with confidence.