With a comprehensive range of tax services, Mazars will help you maximize your benefits, safeguard your assets and comply with taxation rules.

Our risk management‑based approach helps us process all the tax aspects and go beyond, meeting your accounting and financial requirements. Our Canadian, American and international tax specialists provide sustainable and customized solutions for transfer pricing, indirect taxes and international mobility while focusing on your business issues. In addition, we can get involved in the preparation of your tax returns and ensure a continuous watch on SR&ED and government incentives to keep you aware of the tax credits you could be eligible for.

Canadian Tax

Canadian taxation is subject to continuous changes, both at federal and provincial levels. It is therefore important to anticipate the tax implications of these changes on your operations. Our experienced professionals analyse your business status and determine your requirements to provide you with customized solutions considering your business reality and changing tax environment.

In addition, they help you safeguard your assets and assist you through your decision‑making processes, management of risks in connection with regulatory changes and your individual business acquisitions or sales, merger, reengineering and estate planning transactions.

Our professionals also support international businesses based in Canada or who wish to settle in this country to optimize their Canadian and international taxation, determine strategies for the repatriation of income earned in Canada and comply with Canadian tax requirements.

US Tax

Whether you already have some exposure in the United States or wish to capture this market, Mazars helps you approach US taxation issues with confidence. Our specialists support you with the definition of a tax strategy in accordance with your operations and in compliance with your federal, state and local tax obligations.

They also prepare the overall tax returns for your business and identify tax incentives likely to facilitate your US settlement.

International Tax

A regular follow‑up of regulations in a constantly evolving international market may prove complex. To complete your operations in compliance with the legal framework, our international tax specialists assist you through your local and international operations.

Our business advisors will provide you with efficient strategies suited for your business reality to help you minimize the costs and support your growth.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing reflects the value assigned to tangible or intangible assets or to services transferred between two affiliated companies based in two different countries within the same corporate group. Many taxation authorities have reinforced their regulations to foster full and open competition, and therefore, properly determined and documented transfer prices are paramount within a multinational corporate group.

Our professionals will support you through the design and implementation of your transfer pricing policies to comply with each target country’s standards and requirements. They will help you prepare all the required documentation to back up your strategies, thereby avoiding any possible litigation. A sound transfer pricing policy can also help you manage your international operations while minimizing your global taxation rate.

International Mobility 

As part of an international, integrated and independent group, we are in a position to help you expand your business worldwide as we guide you through your staff mobility process. Our professionals will support you with your initial planning of setting up in a new jurisdiction and flesh out the tax and financial implications resulting from an international assignment, for your business and your staff as well.

Whether your employees are moving to or from Canada, our team will help them assess the tax impact of their mobility and comply with tax legislation, in both their source and host countries. Our professionals will help you prepare your employees’ Canadian and foreign tax returns and will contribute their expertise in social security arrangements to minimize the costs associated with international assignments.

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes have an impact on all the operations of a company. These restricting and often complex taxes, mostly in an international environment, must be considered to prevent undesired risk exposure, which could have a significant effect on your business.

Mazars’ professionals are available to help you meet your objectives while complying with your related duties. Our specialists help you minimize your costs, prevent uncertainties in connection with your tax returns and ensure sound management of your indirect taxes: GST/HST, QST, PST, Excise Tax and other specific taxes.

SR&ED and Tax Incentives

Our professionals will help you take advantage of tax benefits associated with the various tax credits available, and with all that is related to requests for government assistance.

  • Tax credit for SR&ED
  • Tax credit for the development of e-business
  • Tax credit for the production of multimedia titles
  • Government assistance and other incentives