Accounting and Outsourcing

Our accounting service offerings are comprehensive and available under different formulas, based on your needs.

Irrespective of the size, area and development stage of your business, our professionals are in a position to provide you with accounting and outsourcing services suited for your status, requirements and challenges.

We help you achieve your objectives, comply with your accounting and taxation duties and collect precise financial information to meet the requirements within the prescribed timelines. Our team will make sure to provide comprehensive services and the resources you need to get business solutions suited for your company.


Our professionals ensure the completion of your financial data compilation in a strict professional way to meet your information requirements promptly. Through a clear picture of your operations, compilation engagements prove to be preferred tools for any company for which audited financial statements are neither required nor necessary.


We assume whole or part of your data entry and book-keeping, bank conciliations, account analysis, capital assets and depreciation follow‑up, payable and receivable accounts management, accounting work review and financial statement production, in our own office premises or in yours through secondments.

Financial Disclosure Reports

Our teams contribute the skills and responsiveness required for the preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial disclosure reports, in compliance with local accounting requirements and the required reporting restatements by the local or international parent company.

Payroll Management

When we are mandated to fulfil your business compensation function, you ensure compliance with established taxation standards, privacy requirements and prescribed timelines in your local employees’ or expatriates’ payroll processing.

Individual Tax Returns: GST-QST and Corporate Taxes

Our teams will advise you in connection with the filing of the various applicable tax returns based on federal and provincial taxation legislations. We are in a position to support you in all the Canadian jurisdictions.

Emergency Assistance and Solutions

Our experienced professionals will support you through your emergency situations with respect to accounting, taxation and payroll, providing additional support within the best turnaround times and in accordance with your requirements.

Implementation of Accounting Systems and Expertise

Whether for a business start‑up or the integration of a new system, Mazars will submit solutions to help you meet all your duties. Our teams will advise and assist you through the implementation of a new accounting structure, administrative management and insourcing.

Staff Training

We assist and train your accounting staff through the acquisition of the required skills to ensure your accounting operations continuity, such accounting entries and book-keeping or financial analysis.

Business Creation Support

Our teams will support you through the creation of domestic or international businesses. We provide you with advice on business incorporations, taxation regulations and bank account openings.

Support to International Corporations

Irrespective of the size of your business and related market, we support you through your international ambitions thanks to our local market expertise and our international integrated network. Our seasoned professionals are available to help you succeed in a complex and ever-changing environment.

Our professionals make sure your accounting documents are exact and comply with the applicable local and international standards, within the earliest turnaround times.

  • Compliance with local legislation and regulations
  • Accurate performance data to help you make key management decisions at an international and local level
  • Business risk and cost abatement throughout the business
  • Accounting management for international corporations' subsidiaries
  • Consistent management reports
  • Compliance with closing time limits
  • Consumption taxes
  • Employee hiring and international mobility management
  • Employee benefits
  • SR&ED tax credits
  • Preparation of charts of accounts