Financial Advisory Services

A team of qualified professionals who can help you conduct your transactions, develop a suitable financing strategy, determine the value of your business and its assets, and put in place a precise and customized due diligence procedure.

Our professionals can assist you, on a daily basis, with your local and international ambitions by offering you a complete range of financial advisory services tailored to your company, regardless of its size, its industry, its situation or its market. Through our international network, our team works on a daily basis with professionals and experts present in more than 86 countries to give you access to buyers and sellers all around the world.

Transactional services

Our specialists provide sound advice to help you carry out your strategic transactions in:

  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Divestments
  • Any other form of strategic alliance

They assist you throughout your decision-making process by putting at your disposal their extensive knowledge of the market as well as their business network so that you can make an optimal transaction.

Structured Financing

A sound financing strategy is essential to support your growth and achieve your business objectives. Our professionals can help you define an appropriate financing strategy, whether you want to: 

  • Respond to a growing need for working capital
  • Finance the purchase of capital assets
  • Put together a merger or acquisition

Our team can count on the strength of our network of partners to prepare business plans, perform in-depth financial analyses, and create complex financial models that will enable you to optimize your resources and facilitate your procedures.


The value of your business is affected by several factors, including economic and industry conditions, competition, historical and forecast financial performances, and management capabilities. Business valuation is a complex process requiring an extensive knowledge of finance and business, expert application of recognized valuation methodologies and commitment to professional standards.

Our business valuation experts provide an independent and unbiased assessment to businesses, individuals, financial institutions and legal professionals in the context of a: 

  • Transaction
  • Shareholder dispute
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax or estate planning
  • Financial reporting

Due Diligence

In a transaction, due diligence aims to provide a detailed and factual picture of the financial performance of the target in order to:

  • Present an objective analysis of the target's historical performance;
  • Identify potential adjustments to the aggregates of the enterprise value (EBITDA, working capital, adjusted debt);
  • Identify potential tax exposure;
  • Assist you and your legal team in preparing transaction related documents.

Due diligence services can be provided from a sell side (seller) or buy side (acquirer) perspective.